Weird things I collect: 80's & 90's young adult fiction paperbacks! I was born in the early 80's and have always been a huge book worm. My favorite time of the school year was always when the Scholastic Book Fair came to school. Also - those book order sheets the teachers would do monthly made me SO giddy!

I started reading YA fiction series around 1990, just in time for the glory of Sweet Valley Twins (and High, and Kids), Babysitter's Club, Sleepover Friends, Girl Talk, and the scandalous Sunset Island (which my ELEMENTARY SCHOOL had!!?). I'm thankful to my parents for nurturing my reading habits and always buying me books. My older sister and I collected most of the above series between us in the 1990's. Unfortunately, we got rid of them. All of them. Sad times.

Fast forward to 2016. In all my thrift store trips, I usually skipped the book section (minus looking for vintage Golden Guides, another favorite I'll save for another post!). I began browsing through the children's section and decided to start collecting some of my beloved series again. I keep a list on my phone of the titles I already own so I don't accidentally pick up a duplicate, although lately I've been grabbing all of the cool paperbacks I find and selling them in my shop!

Some trips I score several titles - other trips I come up with nothing. One series I avoid is Babysitter's Club and BSC Little Sister. I read them in the 90's but was never a big fan (not dramatic enough for me!). Sometimes it's tempting to start collecting them too, since they are so readily available at thrift stores. Maybe eventually, when I get a bigger bookshelf to house this expanding collection.

In addition to series, I also have a fondness for pretty much any YA fiction, especially titles from the late 70's and 80's with horrible fashions on the cover. Think Wildfire titles, etc. Love them. 

Series I currently am on the hunt for:Sweet Valley HighSweet Valley TwinsSweet Valley KidsSweet Valley Senior YearSweet Valley UniversityUnicorn ClubSweet Valley Junior HighGirl TalkCamp Sunnyside FriendsThe Fabulous Friends 4-EverSleepover FriendsPeanut Butter and Jelly

Pretty much ANYTHING mentioned in Gaby Moss' Paperback Crush!

Series I've completed:Sunset Island (very very hard to find in thrift stores, so I went the Amazon route to complete my collection).

​Feel free to leave a comment about any of your favorite series from back in the day! I'm always on the lookout for suggestions for my personal collection and suggestions for series/titles to offer in the shop.